Airport to play critical post-Brexit role

If Yorkshire is to remain the economic powerhouse it so clearly is, its links with the rest of the world – especially post Brexit – are critical.

While our own internal transport connectivity remains lacking, while we wait for HS2 to create the ‘joined up’ high-tech rail network we so badly need, the good news is that our own Leeds Bradford Airport is fast establishing itself as Yorkshire’s gateway to the world.

Last month Leeds Bradford recorded its busiest week, with more than 107,000 passengers travelling through over a seven-day period with predictions the month could be the busiest in the airport’s history.

David Laws, Chief Executive at LBA, following Tony Hall’s recent departure, has indicated the airport’s to be the number one airport of choice for passengers in the region and has demonstrated a clear vision to make it happen.

Only this week the world’s oldest airline KLM announced its commitment to the airport and its ambition to drive total passenger numbers to 200,000 a year.

There has, of course, been much debate around the proposed new parkway station, part of a raft of transport improvements which await Department for Transport approval and consultation.

I, along with many others, await the outcome with interest. Because an integrated transit scheme for Leeds and the city region is critical to its continued economic success.

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