Portrait of MEP Amjad Bashir in the EP in Strasbourg

Court ruling will change little – let’s get on with Brexit

Now the legal challenge Article 50 is settled, all concerned must make sure the UK keeps its Brexit timetable and starts negotiating this spring.

That was the verdict of Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir following today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding a decision that only parliament can invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the two-year Brexit process.

Mr Bashir, MEP for Yorkshire and The Humber, said: “What is important now is that we do what the voter demanded and allow our Prime Minister to get on with the job of negotiation without delay or restrictions.

“Like most others, our region voted Leave and the electorate will want that mandate carried out in an effective and timely way.

“I was quite relaxed about the original High Court decision because I have never believed MPs would be silly enough to block the will of the people.

“We don’t want MPs trying to dictate the Prime Minister’s negotiation strategy either, but I don’t think they will attempt that now after she so effectively set out her priorities last week.

“She has handled things so well that the court case has turned out not to matter so much either way. Now we need to get on with the hard work of negotiation.”