MEP Amjad Bashir in the EP in Strasbourg

Amjad: Funding guarantee from Treasury vindicates Brexit vote

Yorkshire and Humber MEP Amjad Bashir has welcomed news that EU funding for farmers, scientists and other projects will be replaced by the Treasury in the period immediately after Brexit.
The Conservative MEP, who campaigned for a Leave vote in the EU referendum, spoke out after Chancellor Philip Hammond said the Treasury would guarantee to back EU-funded projects signed before this year’s Autumn Statement. The Government also gave an assurance that agricultural funding now provided by the EU will also continue until 2020.
Mr Bashir, Conservative spokesman on small businesses, said: “The announcement shows that the alarmism of Project Fear was unjusttified.
“Far from the chaos predicted by the scaremongers, this announcement brings continuity and stability.
“Far from cutting off funding, leaving the EU means we decide ourselves as a nation what we do with our own money. It vindicates our decision to take back control.
“The costs is put at £4.5 billion – but that is a fraction of the £15 billion we have been sending Brussels every year.”