Amjad Bashir shares his thoughts on the NFU.

Amjad: National Farmers’ Union have it all wrong over the EU

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir has hit out at the National Farmers Union for backing the remain campaign in the EU referendum.

He said the decision was “illogical and unhelpful”.

Mr Bashir spoke out after the union, which has 55,000 members in England and Wales, joined the referendum ‘in” camp, saying that “the interests of farmers are best served by our continuing membership.”

The MEP for Yorkshire and The Humber said: “The interests of farmers will be better served by Britain getting out of the EU so we can keep our own money and decide ourselves how best to support our own farmers and our own countryside.

“As it is, we send Brussels billions of pounds and then keep our fingers crossed a fraction of it comes back. The Common Agricultural Policy is notoriously inefficient and wasteful. It punishes our farmers for their efficiency and makes them jump through ever-smaller hoops to get the money due to them.

“Voting leave on June 23 is the only way to secure a fair and prosperous future for farmers and countryside alike.”