Amjad Bashir MEP discusses Tata Steel.

Amjad: Steel crisis shows why we must be free of the EU

Britain would be better-placed to tackle the steel crisis if we were outside the EU, Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir is arguing.
He said: “The crisis in this key industry is a threat to our national standing and a tragedy for the workers and communities involved. But the sobering truth is that the damage could be minimised – possibly avoided altogether – if we were not hamstrung by membership of the European Union.
“We would have been able to put in place the appropriate measures to counter Chinese dumping far more quickly.
The MEP, whose Yorkshire and Humber region is home to two major Tata steel plants at Scunthorpe and Rotherham, explained: “Despite a little leeway given from the EU’s rule-makers, we are still largely shackled by the bloc’s state-aid rules if we try to intervene to offset the industry’s staggering losses, even on a temporary basis.
“Getting the Commission to move on these matters at all was like drawing teeth – it took months and months – and still we are not properly free to defend our own industry as we would wish.
“Outside the EU we would be much faster on our feet and more effective when a crisis such as this arises – free to respond how we wish, where we choose and as soon as we like.
“It is called freedom.”