Image of Jean Claude Juncker. AMjad Bashir discusses the EU.

Blog from Brussels: Juncker’s state of the Union speech

I sat in the European Parliament chamber yesterday as Jean Claude Juncker delivered his so-called State of the Union speech.

It left me shocked and relieved in equal measure.

Shocked at the scale and speed at which they plan to plough ahead towards a European Superstate. Relieved that Britain is leaving and will not have to be part of a future EU that pulls ever-more power into the centre and away from national governments and parliaments.

Nearly all of the eurocrats’ cherished pet schemes were there. He called for a European army with its own budget independent of national defence structures or NATO, for supra-national voting to elect MEPs who “represent” the whole of Europe rather than countries or regions, for a single currency that covers the whole of the EU with no opt-outs, and for an EU finance minister to direct national treasuries

He also demanded a Schengen free-movement zone that includes Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia – presumably Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania too when their accession programmes are complete, a single president lording it over both the Commission and the EU Council and a Europe-wide asylum scheme with compulsory quotas for member states.

It was like a greatest hits album. Now That’s What I call Federalism.

This was the Brusssels elite setting out its planned direction of travel once we are out of the way. I thank the Almighty we have chosen a different course.

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